SEO Consultancy

Achieving good rankings in search engine results can increase revenue for businesses of all sizes. Competing 'online' is an important avenue for all types of businesses, and an 'online' presence can supplement 'offline' business sales with fresh, new customers.
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Web Design

There are many excellent web designers who can create stunning and beautiful looking websites. However, a website needs to be more than just aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. This is where standards-compliant and SEO–friendly web design comes in.
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Wordpress Implementation

Wordpress has become one of the most popular blogging platforms. This flexible, open-source content management system (CMS) can be used to run an entire website back-end, or simply to add fresh content to your website in an easy-to-use platform.
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Social Media Consultancy & Monitoring

Social media serviced continue to evolve and increase in popularity. Social media has placed a lot of power in the hands of consumers. Whether it is in the form of a product review, a positive comment or some negative feedback. Knowing how to handle all types of feedback is important.
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Website Analytics

Website analytics enables you to accurately track visitors to your site. Do you want to know which pages are most popular on your site, or perhaps you want to analyse which pages are under–performing? Website analytics is the answer.

Whether you are running a static business site or an advanced e-commerce site, tracking and accurately analysing how your customers navigate your site is very important. Knowing which pages convert to sales or other specific goals (such as requesting more information) can also give you the edge over your competitors.

I can setup analytics on your website so that you can track the elements that are most important to you. I also offer expert monthly analysis on your sites overall performance with emphasis on key areas for improvement.

Website Hosting

Choosing the right website host depends on what you require from your website. Is your site made–up of purely static pages or do you require a database to pull in dynamic data or store information entered by your customers? These and many other questions will determine what type of hosting you require.

Whether you know exactly what hosting you want, or you are completely new to website hosting, I can help implement the right hosting for you. I also offer website maintenance solutions on a monthly or annual basis—take the headache out of owning and running a website!