Top 8 Recent SEO Articles

I personally enjoy reading articles that provoke the thought–process, encouraging the reader to try something new, or to look at an SEO challenge from a different angle. You could say—challenging age–old techniques and methods to see what works now.

Reading thoughts from other SEOs can help to keep you sharp, but knowing how to filter out the dross is equally important—and in my opinion, only comes with knowledge and experience.

The following post lists some of my favourite SEO articles (and one presentation) from the past few months. Some of the articles provide actionable recommendations that can be tested and tweaked by other SEO professionals.

Local Link Building Strategies

I agree with the importance of local, good–quality citations for local search optimisation. Ryan listed some useful directories for submitting your local business too, as well as a legitimate technique for getting .edu and .gov links.

How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Backlinking Mistakes

Anyone who is new or less–experienced when it comes to link building should read this article. I agree with the points highlighted in this article, especially when it comes to link velocity and anchor text overload.

SEO Tools That Rock

This article highlights some useful tools for SEOs. Tools such as Screaming Frog and Xenu Link Sleuth are invaluable, but there are some other gems including Shared Count and URI Valet that are worth adding to your SEO Toolbox.

SEO for Local Search – The Complete Guide

An excellent guide taking you from keyword research through to getting directory listing pages, citations and creating local search optimised pages on your website. Ted has also written a really useful follow–up article covering advanced techniques which I thoroughly recommend reading: SEO for Local Search Advanced Tricks

Google Analytics Visits Metric Change Implications & Opportunities

I strongly recommend acquainting yourself with the recent Visit metric change in Google Analytics, as it has likely had an impact on your clients. Avinash provides a fantastic 30 minute video with examples and a clear explanation of the changes, in his ever–enthusiastic style. I’m a big fan Sir!

How to Earn the Links the Lazy Link Builders Buy, presentation by Wil Reynolds at MozCon 2011

Wil highlighted three ways to get quality .edu links, and featured an excellent competitor backlink analysis tool available from Seer.

Past, Present & Future of Personas in Search presentation on SlideShare by iPullRank

Categorising keywords into persona groups, rather than just informational, navigational and transactional groups. Use social media to identify need states, define personas and identify opportunities.

I recommend viewing the full presentation for all the details, and I like the way the presentation challenges SEOs to take a much broader approach to identifying areas of potential.