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WordPress SEO Tweaks Without Plugins

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If possible I like to tweak WordPress installs and avoid adding extraneous plugins. Generally the more plugins you have, the slower your WordPress site loads, and you can have compatibility issues when you upgrade. One area for consideration is duplicate content, and there are a number of excellent plugins available for handling duplicate content issues. [...]

GZIP HTML Content on Shared Hosting

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If you host your website on a shared Apache hosting account, it’s highly unlikely that you will have access to the httpd.conf file to set default GZIP compression for your website files. A quick and simple alternative is to set GZIP compression on each page so that you can effectively compress the HTML output content [...]

Redirect SSL with .htaccess

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If you use an SSL certificate to secure pages on your website, you may want to setup your server to always display non-secure pages using ‘http’ instead of ‘https’. In terms of search engine optimisation it is advisable that your server is setup to display a single version of a page to avoid duplication. In [...]