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Rewrite URLs on Apache with mod_rewrite

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Is your website accessible by typing as well as, well using mod_rewrite on Apache servers you will be able to control how your URL structure is displayed whichever way the user types in your address. Controlling the URL structure is in fact more important than some people realise. I have used mod_rewrite on [...]

Compress Pages with MOD_DEFLATE on Apache

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I have recently been experimenting with mod_deflate on an Apache server to save some bandwidth. If like me, you may have found your host cutting access to your website temporarily if you go over your bandwidth allowance, meaning you have to purchase more bandwidth to get your pages to go ‘live’ again. However, by using [...]

Redirect SSL with .htaccess

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If you use an SSL certificate to secure pages on your website, you may want to setup your server to always display non-secure pages using ‘http’ instead of ‘https’. In terms of search engine optimisation it is advisable that your server is setup to display a single version of a page to avoid duplication. In [...]