Squeeze Your CSS Files Into Shape

Reducing file size without compromising functionality is important for forward-thinking web developers. Many modern CSS-driven websites use huge external CSS files of anything up to about 20-25kb. By using CSS shorthand the overall file size can be reduced, increasing the speed of page loads and decreasing bandwidth usage. Another method is to use a compression [...]

Rewrite URLs on Apache with mod_rewrite

Is your website accessible by typing www.yourdomain.com as well as yourdomain.com, well using mod_rewrite on Apache servers you will be able to control how your URL structure is displayed whichever way the user types in your address. Controlling the URL structure is in fact more important than some people realise. I have used mod_rewrite on [...]

GZIP HTML Content on Shared Hosting

If you host your website on a shared Apache hosting account, it’s highly unlikely that you will have access to the httpd.conf file to set default GZIP compression for your website files. A quick and simple alternative is to set GZIP compression on each page so that you can effectively compress the HTML output content [...]