Gore Phantom Jacket Review

“The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.”—John Howard

Last summer I began looking for a versatile cycling jacket that is suitable all–year–round.

Until then I had a waterproof cycling jacket which served its purpose, but I found it got hot very quickly and trapped body heat—making it almost suffocating at times.

Jacket in WhiteGore Jacket in White

Before choosing the Gore Phantom jacket I read a few reviews, including these ones here and here. The Gore Phantom jacket turned out to be a great investment for my riding.

I have now worn it for commuting to–and–from work, and for longer weekend rides throughout the Autumn, Winter and Spring. I have to say I’m extremely pleased with it so far.

As with other Gore products, it’s definitely not the cheapest clothing, but it is of a very high quality in terms of the materials, fit and comfort while riding.

Short sleeve optionShort Sleeve Option

One of the advantages of this jacket is the ability to unzip the long sleeves for hot weather. I’ve found this particularly useful for longer rides this Spring.

Although the jacket isn’t specifically sold as being waterproof, I have found that it stands up well in wet weather—keeping me dry on my work commute.

It is of a very high quality in terms of the materials, fit and comfort

However, I would recommend putting a lightweight waterproof jacket in your bag for long rides, as this jacket isn’t guaranteed to keep you dry in heavy rain.

The Gore Phantom jacket uses Gore Windstopper material which makes a huge difference on a bicycle. In the cold Winter, I found I could ride with only a shirt underneath the jacket—without getting bitterly cold.

The jacket does an excellent job of keeping the wind out. As I mentioned earlier, the fit of the jacket is very good. An elasticated hem keeps the jacket fitted around your waist whilst riding—thus helping to disperse the wind around your body rather than flowing straight into the jacket.

Back pocketsThree Back Pockets

The jacket has three back pockets—quite common on cycling jerseys—making storage quite easy.

Although the jacket comes in a variety of colours—some of which are more visible than others—the jacket has highly reflective strips down the arms and in important sections of the jacket. I found this quite reassuring when riding on dark evenings through the Autumn and Winter seasons.

Where can you get it?

You can buy the jacket at Amazon or Wiggle. It’s available in Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Black and Grey.