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SimplePie & jQuery Flickr Photostream

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If you want to display a number of photos on your website, jQuery Infinite Carousel is a very good option. This carousel works really well when you have a list of images on your page, but it threw up a number of problems when calling images dynamically on page load (I.e. your latest Flickr Photostream). [...]

WordPress SEO Tweaks Without Plugins

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If possible I like to tweak WordPress installs and avoid adding extraneous plugins. Generally the more plugins you have, the slower your WordPress site loads, and you can have compatibility issues when you upgrade. One area for consideration is duplicate content, and there are a number of excellent plugins available for handling duplicate content issues. [...]

Squeeze Your CSS Files Into Shape

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Reducing file size without compromising functionality is important for forward-thinking web developers. Many modern CSS-driven websites use huge external CSS files of anything up to about 20-25kb. By using CSS shorthand the overall file size can be reduced, increasing the speed of page loads and decreasing bandwidth usage. Another method is to use a compression [...]