Highlights from WordCamp Miami 2012

This was my first WordPress Conference in Miami, and I have to say it was a good one. I was only disappointed that I couldn’t attend more sessions, as the event was split across three rooms at The University of Miami. Also I didn’t attend the Friday sessions as it was generally aimed at beginners, [...]

GZIP Compression Techniques for Better Page Speeds

“Page speed” and “site speed” have become buzz phrases in the SEO industry since Google started showing site performance data in Webmaster Tools 1 in December 2009. In April 2010 Google stated that site speed would be a part of the ranking algorithm. Although it is worth noting that Matt Cutts reminded webmasters that site [...]

Load Social Sharing Buttons via Ajax & jQuery

I’ve recently been doing a lot of testing to improve page load times using various different techniques. However, I’ve been finding on my own sites and when I visit others, that social media buttons often cause a lot latency on page loading. When it first launched, there were a lot of complaints about the Google+ [...]