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I'm Robin Parduez, an SEO Consultant and front-end developer based in South Florida. I've been involved in web design since 2001, and the SEO industry since 2004. I provide SEO consultancy in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area on a freelance and contract basis.

I have over seven years experience in the SEO industry, and since 2006 I've produced online marketing strategies and provided SEO services for clients in a number of verticals including international charities, banking and investment institutes, car manufacturers and high street retailers.

I formerly worked in the UK for LBi/Bigmouthmedia as an SEO Campaign Director and Team Leader, where I managed an SEO team, and ran ethical organic search campaigns for a number of blue chip companies and organisations.

Skills & Experience

I am fluent in standards–compliant HTML and CSS web design techniques, as well as implementation of the jQuery JavaScript framework to add functionality and subtle refinements to websites.

I'm keenly interested in implementing HTML5 and CSS3 elements into my work – all the while maintaining a good foundation of SEO best practice, accessibility and user–friendly design.

I also use a combination of PHP and MySQL to incorporate dynamic, database–driven elements into web design projects.

I am proficient in hand–coding or using a variety of web design software including Adobe Dreamweaver or Coda in a collaborative environment. I'm also comfortable using Windows or Mac operating systems.

Interests & Hobbies

I'm an avid sports fan, & I enjoy watching or playing all kinds of sport including Golf, Cricket & Tennis.

I also enjoy DJing—mainly House and Drum & Bass—which I've being doing since about 2001. I DJ with vinyl & Traktor Scratch – you can listen to my mixes here.

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