Hello! I'm Robin Parduez
I specialize in SEO, Internet Marketing & Web Design in Miami-Fort Lauderdale

I'm an SEO Consultant, Internet Marketer & Web Designer based in South Florida.

I provide ethical SEO, Internet Marketing strategies & web design services in Miami-Fort Lauderdale.

Résumé Testimonials

I was formerly an SEO Campaign Director and Team Leader in the UK at LBi/Bigmouthmedia. I worked with international blue-chip companies to improve their online presence, as well as smaller businesses focusing on local search performance.

Looking for expert advice?

How I can help you →

  • Ethical SEO strategies
  • Local search performance
  • Mobile SEO, design & build
  • Social Media monitoring
  • Track website performance
  • Combine SEO with PPC & Display
  • SEO-friendly CMS implementation
  • Site redesign or refresh